Uto-Aztecan language

Uto-Aztecan language
a family of American Indian languages
Syn: ↑Uto-Aztecan

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  • Proto-Uto-Aztecan language — The Proto Uto Aztecan language (abbreviated PUA; also sometimes Uto Aztekan, Utoaztekan) is the hypothetical common ancestor of the Uto Aztecan languages.HistoryPhonologyVowelsProto Uto Aztecan is reconstructed as having an unusual five vowel… …   Wikipedia

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  • Uto-Aztecan — /jutoʊ ˈæztɛkən/ (say yoohtoh aztekuhn) adjective of or relating to a Native American language group, widespread from Idaho to the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in southern Mexico, and from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific; includes Hopi, Ute,… …  

  • Aztecan — noun the Uto Aztecan language spoken by the Aztec • Hypernyms: ↑Uto Aztecan, ↑Uto Aztecan language * * * ˈazˌtekən sometimes ˈaˌste adjective Usage: usually capitalized : of or relating to the Aztec people or their language …   Useful english dictionary

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